It’s a Single Channel per Carrier [SCPC] technology providing dedicated, point to point connectivity using Very Small Aperture Terminals [VSAT], making it the wireless equivalent of conventional leased lines. By using SCPC, communication links can be provisioned anywhere in the world with typical bandwidth rates ranging from 64Kbps to 10Mbps.

Its distant-independent-links can be provisioned between any two points within the footprint of a satellite. With typical satellite footprints covering thousands of square kilometers and spanning multiple countries, this technology is essentially distant independent. It can be instantly deployed and commissioned – for an example a link possibly spanning thousands of kilometers, only takes 3 days to be up and running. This enables rapid response to market needs, with speedy and direct access to telecommunications.

In short, VSAT point-to-point is highly reliable with minimal points of failure, making SCPC links inherently dependable and offers a transparent transmission medium with zero ‘last mile’ problems.

If there is a requirement to support voice and data in a classic point “A” to point “B” network-from one city to another for example, point-to- point SCPC technology is typically used. It is very sufficient to transfer Data, Voice and Video between the two sites due to the latency of 550ms wherever the sites are located.


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