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Yamal 402 Coverage

We offer services running on a number of satellites, each covering different geographic regions. Within those regions service is virtually universal. Whether you are operating in cities, rural areas, deserts or even at sea a view of the sky and a power source is usually enough to ensure that Digital Satellites can deliver fast and reliable broadband internet via satellite

The unique advantage offered by internet via satellite over alternative internet access technologies is the broad coverage it offers. All Digital Satellites internet services operate independent of the telecoms network, delivering true two-way connectivity via satellite. Freeing your connectivity from the constraint of cabled services means that broadband internet is available where you need it


Satellite Name: Yamal 402

Satellite Position: 54.9° E

Service Platform: iDirect Evolution

Connection Type: Internet Access

Coverage Countries: Syria – Iraq – Egypt – Libya – Saudi Arabia

Antenna Diameter: 1.2m

Required Hardware: iDirect Evolution Router – 1.2m Ku-Band Antenna – iDirect Universal BUC – iDirect Universal LNB

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