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Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, a well known British Sci-Fi author, first published his concept on communication satellites in 1945 in a Wireless World article “Extra-terrestrial Relays”. Based on the works of Tsiolkovsky, he proposed deploying manmade Earth satellites to relay radio signals.

Our solutions

Today Digital Satellites offers the full range of satellite communication services on an extensive fleet of geostationary orbit spacecrafts, making Sir Clarke’s concept a reality. This allows people to connect, deliver radio and television broadcasts and satellite Internet access with telephone service anywhere in the world. As these communications satellites revolve around Earth at a constant speed, the subscriber’s outdoor terminal equipment has no moving parts, providing reliable satellite communication with an easy to install, highly integrated VSAT package. Maritime service terminals use a gyroscope equipped antenna under a highly protected dome to maintain proper looking angles to the spacecraft.
Satellite communication services offered by Digital Satellites include:

  • Broadband Internet
  • WAN – Star, Mesh and Star/Mesh Topology
  • Point-to-Point Links
  • Private Satellite Networks – VNO, GQoS, Hubs
  • Global Content Distribution (DTH and Enterprise)
  • SNG
  • Satellite Uplink Services
  • Hybrid Networks
  • Maritime Connectivity

Space segment

Digital Satellites employs space segment capacity on geostationary satellites operated by well known companies such as Telesat (operating since 1972), SES Global and SES NewSkies, Intelsat (since 1965), Eutelsat, RSCC as well as industry pioneers Gascom and Arabsat.
Applications for Digital Satellites satellite communications solutions range from residential satellite broadband Internet access to national data and voice backbone carriers, including any Enterprise connectivity demands. Since communication satellites occupy the whole ring above the Earth’s equator, Digital Satellites satellite communication services are available for deployment virtually anywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations. Digital Satellites connects the space segment to terrestrial IP infrastructure via a network of ground facilities in United States and Europe. Our key landing locations include Sweden, Telenor Nittedal Earth Station in Norway and Germany. Digital Satellites satellite communications network is backed up by PEP and IP Telephony servers located at East and West Coast United States and Western Europe.

Service Availability:
Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia

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