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SD-WAN over Satellite

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SD-WAN is the next generation enterprise connectivity technology that replaces traditional private circuits at an increasing pace. As business applications are moving to clouds, clients now require broadband access to all their data sources. Digital Satellites addresses these requirements with SD-WAN over Satellite solution that provides up to 90% savings, compared to traditional VSAT and MPLS circuits.


Software-defined WAN over Satellite

Digital Satellites® SD-WAN over Satellite services provide optimized broadband connectivity between your branches worldwide and your headquarters and cloud service providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft and others. The connection allows to mix satellite connectivity with third party terrestrial links, including MPLS, cable, DSL, LTE and others.



All-in-one branch solution

Digital Satellites SD-WAN solutions are easily deployed over traditional Digital Satellites VSAT connectivity services, such as iDirect, DVB-S2/ACM, SCPC and others. Secondary connections can be incorporated at all branch terminals, providing dynamic path control capabilities with automatic fail-over due to brownouts and outages. All user data is 256-bit AES-encrypted, providing secure end-to-end connectivity, all without any additional appliances.

Digital Satellites SD-WAN solution includes path conditioning to address packet loss and out-of-order packets, as well as latency mitigation, TCP acceleration, compression and deduplication capabilities. This enables MPLS-like quality of service over VSAT links, even with public IP path between Digital Satellites teleport network and your headquarters, data centers and cloud service providers.

The key features of Digital Satellites® SD-WAN solution are:

  • Mesh IPSec topology
  • Bond VSAT, MPLS and other terrestrial connectivity paths into a single logical SD-WAN connection
  • Latency mitigation via L3 Deduplication and Compression and L4 TCP acceleration
  • CIFS acceleration
  • Packet coalescing (aggregation) for data and voice traffic
  • 256-bit AES IPSec encryption
  • FEC
  • Define QoS and map applications to different virtual WAN overlays inside your SD-WAN
  • Real-time, policy-based traffic assignment and fail-over over multiple physical connections
  • Path conditioning: overcoming negative effects of out-of-order packet arrival
  • SaaS applications are identified automatically at L7 and routed directly to the cloud
  • VLAN, IPv6, GRE, IPSec, VRRP, WCCP, PBR and BGPv4 support
  • Routed or bridge mode
  • Centralized administration
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting tools
  • High performance service and skilled 24/7 technical support


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

A key advantage of SD-WAN over traditional rigid MPLS extension is the ability to have direct access to cloud providers and third party data centers. Rather than routing all the traffic via a private circuit to headquarters, Digital Satellites SD-WAN solution automatically establishes direct cost-effective connectivity to clouds, ensuring the fastest path to your applications and data. This includes, for example, SalesForce, DropBox, Microsoft Office, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, and general services, such as Voice over IP.



Your existing terrestrial or VSAT connectivity can be transitioned to Digital Satellites SD-WAN solutions seamlessly. When you need to upgrade current capacity or improve quality of service at remote branches, consider migrating to Digital Satellites SD-WAN. Start by initiating a migration process to transition your connectivity to one of the Digital Satellites VSAT services with as much equipment re-use as possible, and proceed with non-critical cloud applications. Existing IP connections of any type can also be augmented instead of replaced with full transparency and control.

In addition to overcoming performance issues associated with traditional VPN over satellite, there are numerous other reasons to choose Digital Satellites® SD-WAN for your branch connectivity worldwide:

  • Private Line-like performance without MPLS costs
  • Broadband branch connectivity deployed by Digital Satellites anywhere in the world
  • Add, remove and relocate branches as your business requires
  • SD-WAN fully managed by Digital Satellites NOC with 24 x 7 support
  • Global on-site maintenance service
  • Add additional physical connectivity paths (MPLS, DSL, LTE, Wireless) as you see fit
  • Network-wide centralized QoS visibility and control
  • Cost-effective: use VSAT only where it is needed or as a backup to terrestrial paths

Service Availability:
Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia

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