About Digital Satellites

Digital Satellites is a single-source satellite communications service provider and satellite device manufacturer offering a wide line of high-speed fixed, mobile, portable, maritime, and M2M/SCADA solutions for thousands of professionals, organizations and agencies throughout the world. We specialize in satellite Internet communication for the lone professional, to global institutions that require 100’s of access sites in many different countries or regions. As a single-source provider we UN-complicate the process of procuring equipment and service and are your only point of contact to provide support year to year. We are Digital Satellites and global satellite communication is what we specialize in.


Digital Satellites was founded in 2010 on the Capital of Egypt as a reseller of mobile satellite Internet systems and services for the “then” new mobile Internet market. Our clients ranged from professionals to RVers to hundreds of government agencies, public safety organizations, oil & gas firms, and thousands of corporate & private businesses. Our goal then, as it is now, is to insure highly reliable mobile satellite communication.
Digital Satellite’s VSAT satellite services have optimized throughout the years with a focus on terrestrial-like performance that enabled our clients to run sophisticated applications including VPNs, VoIP, Citrix & streaming video that are unreliable with many commercial satellite Internet providers.


Digital Satellite’s portfolio of satellite Internet services Include:

Executive Team

Digital Satellite’s executive team includes:

  • Hany Ismail, Development & Projects Manager
  • Karim Sayed, Chief Technical Officer.
  • Mohamed Sayed, Sales & Marketing Dept  Executive (MENA)
  • Amr Ibrahim, Accounts & Billing Dept Executive

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