VSAT – Mobile Satellite Internet

Digital Satellites iMobile Terminal

Just set up your Digital Satellites iMobile Station and in less than 5 minutes you will be online. If you can see the sky, you can connect for high-speed Internet and phone.

The TDigital Satellites iMobile Station controller deploys within minutes and will auto acquire the satellite signal and create a broadband Wi-Fi hotspot.  No special training is required for use.

Features of General iMobile Satellite Auto Deploy Antennas – All Systems

  • High-speed Internet access anywhere with a view of the sky.
  • Speeds of up to 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up.
  • Use any iDirect satellite service provider worldwide.
  • Establishes a self-contained local area network at the touch of a button.
  • Remote administration via any web browser.
  • Establishes a wireless access point.
  • No software to install on computers.
  • Autostow safety feature if dish goes off signal.


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